• Moderntech Sp. z.o.o. is a production, trade and service company. We manufacture polyurethane bushing for suspensions of cars, off-road, trucks and other vehicles. We also produce other polyurethane components: rollers, mats and polyurethane blades for snow plows. We make individual orders for other polyurethane items of selected hardness. Each MPBS bushing is manufactured with high precision and is subject to inspection. Positive feedback from drivers proves that this is a breakthrough product of the 21st century. As a manufacturer we can provide you with favorable terms of cooperation. We serve our knowledge, experience and marketing support.                                                                                                

    Polyurethane, a material that slowly replaces rubber in automotive vehicles and increasingly in the industry. It is very plastic material, without difficulty adjust its hardness and color thanks to which technical parameters can be obtained.


     - High flexibility in the whole hardness range
     - High resistance to peeling, cracking and abrasion
     - Very good resistance to dynamic loads
     - Do not grow old (as opposed to rubber)
     - Ability to work in a wide range of positive and negative temperatures
     - Resistance to UV radiation
     - Possibility of working in oils and other fats, greases, acids and solvents
     - Perfectly suppress vibrations
     - Non-inflammable


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    What is the difference between a red and a blue polyurethane bushing?

    The hardness of the red polyurethane bushing is 80Sha. Designed for car owners who require stability, comfort, better driving and driving safety.
    The hardness of the bushing in blue is 90Sha. Polyurethane bushing are designed for sports cars, tuning. Suspension becomes much stiffer, which affects driving at higher speeds.                


MPBS - Modern Polyurethane Bushing System
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